Flag Wars

By editor • Jul 9th, 2008 • Category: news

Once  upon a time photographer and woman-in-the-global-streets Lauri Lyons shot her way into a book called Flag:An American Story (Vision On). Therein she gave diverse citizens across the republic an American flag to drape about and comment upon in their own inimitable styles. Critical comments on the books Amazon page range from  ‘  “I think Flag is a brilliant and beautiful book”   to “It seems that Lauri Lyons went out of her way to find the dregs of society to interview and photograph. There are many negative and hateful comments about the USA and I can’t imagine why any publisher would publish this book.’
Her even bolder new collection Flag International (Blurb) will surely divide the nation in half too. This time Lyons shows and tells how people of various ethnicities  in eight  European countries feel wholecloth about the whole red white and blue thing. As before Lyons gives random folk her traveler’s edition of Old Glory and let’s them work out whatever visual statement they deem appropriate. The results are generally nothing less than pointed and poignant, frequently stylish and unforgiving, and often as shocking as any commie-pinko-terrorist symp might long for them to be . Ditto goes for the freehand commentary all served-up to let the world know what sorts of feelings arise when they think Team USA.

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